Dirt Road and Tears

For Thursday December 14, 2017

Hwy. 5 going to Bahia de los Angeles turns into a dirt road for about 20 miles with forks in the road and no clear signs. I went with my gut on which fork to take. The car behind me seemed to have faith in my choices. Luckily the forks got us onto paved highway eventually. It was slow going. Thankfully, I had downloaded a few podcasts to keep me company.  The Moth Radio Hour, The Vietnam War was next in the queue on my play next list. Any chance of feeling sorry for myself or a bit afraid of this unknown territory of a dirt road in the middle of Mexico was erased. As I listened to each story and what these people had endured, I was taken back to this era. The entire time, thinking of my older brother, and the devastating events he witnessed and more as a lieutenant leading his platoon in combat. Crying almost hysterically, I bumped along.

Back on a paved highway 5, I turned east towards Bahia. Found a sweet spot to camp at Campo Archelon  for $8. (Very nice to have recycling and compost on the premises) I camped next to a nice Canadian family and felt very safe. I was tired from the drive and tears on the dirt road. Before bed, I drove into town for a bite to eat at Costa del Sol Hotel and Restaurant. The fish was delicious and the broccoli soup served before was to die for. With a full tummy, I drove back to camp just in time for a sunset viewing. Without internet or cell service there wasn’t much else left to do but settle in for some reading and sleep. Didn’t sleep great but woke up an amazing sun rise, birds and more. Stayed tuned because the drive on Friday is an adventure for sure!

                                           Highway 5


                       Sunset from Camp Archelon


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