Made it

Wow, I’m here. Got here just in time for the sunset. Then a bite to eat in Todos Santos. I’m settled in at my nephew’s. He’s in bed early since he has been working so hard on his house. It is beautiful. Tomorrow the plan is to get up early, run some errands then go try out some nearby hot springs. His wife, child and friends will be arriving on Friday. We want to see how nice the hot springs are so we can take everyone up there as a surprise.

The house is about 2 blocks off the beach. From the 2nd story of the house, one can catch a sunset and smell of the ocean. By the sound of the waves as I write this, it sounds as if we are right on the beach. Thinking it might be almost too loud if we were right on the beach. This is perfect.


2 thoughts on “Made it”

  1. Hey woman…we were camped on the beach at Todos Santos…maybe 1970? The fishermen took the boats out while we were waking up in our sleeping bags…came back in the afternoon and butchered sharks, turles, fish, etc. A woman in a fox fur..complete with a head and teeth showed up driven by a military escort to buy for the military…HUGE surf…I saw a great white in the surf…have fun!


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