Hot Springs

For Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Even though I landed yesterday, I didn’t stay out of the car today.  I was not driving thank goodness for a change. My nephew had to pick up a trailer in Bahia de la Ventura. We made a day out of it. First stopping in an old mining town, El Triunfo for breakfast at Cafe El Triunfo. Excited to know there is an art festival here in the spring. Our next stop was El Chorro hot spring nestled in the foot hills of Sierra de la Laguna. It was beautiful with a nice spot for swimming. The hot spring was minimal however. We ventured over to Santa Rita hot spring on dirt bumpy mountain roads. Amazing that google maps got us there. Santa Rita has very nice pool that could fit maybe up to 10 people. We only stayed long enough to dip our toes in and visit a bit with the family that was up there from Portland, Oregon. Our next stop was la Ventura with dinner on the beach after picking up the trailer.

                                                          Cafe el Triunfo908247DC-FD68-447E-A4A9-EE109045B40C

.                                                         El Chorro7E422121-10B9-4A5F-9F7D-7B2E64854D13

                                                 Santa Rita Hot Spring52B8E697-80F7-439D-AAC5-9686051AACC5

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