Pelicans, whales and coffee

74028243-9C06-45F5-93DF-F1E2CE845188This morning finally got down to the beach for a walk. There were lots of pelicans as well as whales doing their thing out in the ocean. Then back to help my nephew get some work done on his house. There is construction happening. His goal is to have it ready to rent out directly and via Airbnb. (keep that in mind for a future vacation). I will most probably be your hostess. I went into town mid afternoon for a stroll and a some window shopping. The local bookstore is going to carry my greeting cards. That’s exciting. The next stop was one of my favorite places for afternoon coffee, La Esquina.

My niece in law and great-niece arrived tonight from Colorado. They have friends coming this weekend for a few nights. It is going to be a full house here. I found a cute little place to stay not far away. I am looking forward to some alone time at night and in the mornings. We all plan to spend days at the local surfing beach. Tomorrow, my 11-year-old great niece and I are going into town to do some Christmas shopping. She is excited about getting some presents for her parents. It’s just the right amount of Christmas for me. Having a child around is what makes it special anyway.


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