It’s been busy. I can’t say I’ve been able to relax into the Baja routine that I imagine will happen down the road. My nephew’s family and their friends with 2 boys are always up to fun, beach time, surfing, etc with a delicious meal cooked in their open air kitchen and dining area at the end of the day. Only to get up and we do it all over again. In addition, I’ve made some friends in the area where I am renting a little casa for the week. On one of my previous visits here, I recall seeing this woman at the market. She had a smile and way about her that made me think, she looks like she is enjoying life, I’d like to know her. Well, she lives in the house right next door to where I am staying. Her kitchen and eating area are open air out front. So when I get up and the others that are staying around here, we often find ourselves right at Paty’s getting a morning visit in. She has lived here for 9 years after coming down for several years before that. She and I are planning to go out for coffee tomorrow at Baja Beans.

Yesterday, my great-niece and I went to meet a litter of puppies. None of the ones I posted pictures of were available anymore. We did fall for “Socks”. We will pick her up tomorrow afternoon. The arrangement is that we will foster her for a week to make sure it is a good fit. I really hope it is. She is a good-looking and sweet puppy.  We would have gotten her today, but we took the whole crew back to Santa Rita hot springs. The day ended back in Pescadero eating true Mexican enchiladas at Felipe’s. Too full and tired to tell you more. For now Buenas noches and dulces suenos.



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