New Year

It’s been a week since I’ve written. New Year’s Day, I went for a 5 hour hike with the friends I meet while staying in the rental for a few nights. A family from Ashland, OR. Roz and Gary are 10 years older than me. Leah, their daughter is 41. We all enjoyed each other from the get go and they feel like kindred spirits. Our hike started on the beach, through tide pools and up a cliff for a view of the whales doing their thing out in the ocean. Later, same group plus our friend, Paty went to Marina’s restaurant to bring in the New Year.

Spent the rest of the week with family friends who only had a few days left of their visit, taking care of the new puppy and a few days in Cabo to meet up with my friend, Amy and her husband who ported there for a day on their cruise. I ended up staying 3 nights in a great Airbnb with the most helpful host and hostess. The host happened to be in the automotive business. I asked if there is a Mazda dealership in Cabo. There is not. He offered to take my car to have the bent rims fixed. I’ve been driving with the bent rims since the flat tires earlier in my journey. Even woke up with a flat the day I was leaving for Cabo. They needed to be replaced or repaired. I stayed an extra night in order for my host, Adrian, to take my car in. He brought it back with fixed rims and a clean car inside and out. All for $100. It was going to be $400 – $500 for new rims. If you’re ever in Cabo, I recommend Adrian’s Airbnb

Thursday, I meet Amy and Jamie at the marina. We took a boat right out to Land’s End Arch, saw sea lions v,b, pelicans, and seals catching a ride on the back of fishing boats and getting a free meal. It was a short visit as they were herded back onto the cruise ship just after lunch. Friday, the day before the car was fixed, I found a beach just 15 minutes east of Cabo that offered swimming, sunning and snorkeling without the loud music and crowds that inhabit the beaches right in Cabo. Adrian lent me a snorkel and mask. It was a most relaxing day off by myself, sunning, swimming and snorkeling. Although I did get knocked into the coral a bit by waves and have some pretty good scratches to show for it. The car was fixed by noon on Saturday. Before, I left I hit Costco and Walmart for food and supplies. In Walmart, my cart was mainly full of puppy toys, bed and treats. I couldn’t wait to get back home to her. It was a quick reunion with Cookie, my nephew, his wife and Savannah when I got back to Pescadero. This was Leah’s (new friend from Oregon) last night. So back to Marina’s we went for a send off dinner. Leah is an excellent Salsa dancer. She taught me some dance steps. I’m inspired to take lessons here and keep it up. Today it’s quiet and down to just me, my nephew, his wife and my great niece. We make a good foursome. We woke up slow, made our way to the Sunday market at Baja Beans, back to the casa for naps, walk and a home cooked dinner with fresh flounder. The waves and crickets are now singing me to sleep.


                               Chileno Beach CaboFEF9BD6E-EEF7-4BE1-BC0A-1C3BDF8D34D8

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