We’ve had another set of guests this week and construction started on the remodel. So I’m back to sleeping outside and grabbing anything I need out of the trailer when no one is in there. Good news is I have a place to land for some alone time starting tonight. It’s pictured below. The house has an ocean view to the west, mountain view on the east with friends from Montana staying on their property right down the road. In the midst of it all, I did have a dinner party last night to gather new friends and old. It was fun being a hostess down here. Just woke up at 7:00AM to learn we need to drive to Cabo for some building supplies. This is how it goes, no down time and off we go.

PS, Cookie, the puppy has been spayed since I last wrote and doing great. She continues to be a prize of a dog, very smart and personable. I look forward to catching you up more when time allows.

                                                      Where I get to house sit


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