Cloudy in paradise

It’s a rainy cloudy day in paradise. I’m making some friends here in Pescadero/Todos Santos, but feeling homesick. Getting here was exciting, but now reality is hitting.  Do I want to live here, or only be here part time? It is a different culture, different language, different land, food and ways. The contrast of gringo life and poor native people is hard on the heart. The site of a young girl in town who walked into an industrial container which was her home won’t leave me heart. I miss my own child and continue to feel heartbroken that we are not in relationship. It’s one of those days. Comforting words are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Cloudy in paradise”

  1. Been thinking of you today. And how the heartbreak keeps coming in different ways. I hear that. I wish it were otherwise. I love you love you. News flash about life on this side We are being run by a madman The weather is cloudy and rainy Everyone is much the same You’d be bored in a week. That said. I talked about you today with a client abouT how when we lived together I learned not to speak until the second cup of coffee. Was Sharing with her that she needs to be clear about what works for her Like you are I love That about you You are a beloved Lo

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  2. Oh Frances. Your big, beautiful heart. Today sounds like a challenge.

    Saw this and thought of you:

    “Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
    and what you do are in harmony.”
    ―Mahatma Gandhi

    Sending love from Missoula,

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  3. I understand. I traveled in Mexico for most of a year with my children thinking we might stay there. The travel gave me perspective and although I had much time for some needed introspection–I too missed communicating easily and all of the other things from my soft Southern home. It changed me and I could never quite be home in the same way again. While I didn’t stay in the South or in Mexico, I feel lucky to have both places in my experience. Hugs to your own sweet heart. I’m lighting candles for you. xoxox

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  4. Sending you lots and lots of love and hugs dear Frances. I see from your more recent post that you’re feeling better. Life can be hard and we need to support each other through the challenges. Wish I could meet up with you in Baja this year but we are going to Mazatlan for a week the end of February. Cesar needs to spend time with his siblings before we go anywhere else in Mexico. He hasn’t been to his home town/family in way too long. But hopefully next year we can make it to Baja. I’ve haven’t been there yet. I’m more familiar with a little town called Chacala. Besides you, I have some dear friends I would like to visit who live for about 3 months of the winter in a little town in Baja called La Ventana. (think I have the name right) I hope your time in Montana goes well. Sorry that you have so much pain and loss with your daughter. Hoping for healing. Take care. xoxoxo

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