Muchas Gracias

Thank you everyone for your words and other forms of communication that came my way. I felt your love through this virtual world we live in. The day ended on a sweet note. My friend, Paty and I attended an art benefit for the local up and coming hospice, Comfort Care  at Jardin Alquimia  Paty is such a gift. She knows just about everyone and makes sure that I get introduced to all the good people around here. There is a strong art and music community. Several folks I’ve meet are involved in contributing to the community here, be it rescuing animals, holding spay and neuter clinics, recycling, or helping locals in their own individual ways. I am seeing many opportunities to volunteer and look forward to trying some of them out.

I’m enjoying my 2nd night of a 10 day house/pet sit. Cookie and I are in the company of 9 month old dog, Frances and Lyka. Cookie is in heaven with the other dogs and huge fenced in yard. My nephew’s house is in full remodel/construction mode. It’s fortunate that I got this gig. The house should be ready sometime in April. It will be nice to get the house listed and rented on Airbnb and get this ball rolling. A steady purpose and income will be welcome. Plus being the host of the house, I’ll probably get to meet some fun travelers. A few stores here are buying my greeting cards and they are selling. In my usual fashion, I’m bring in a little money here and there doing this and that. Mid February I am flying into Missoula for about a month, another opportunity to be away for construction and take care of a few things that are easier to take care of in the states.

Once the house is finished, consider a visit! Flights to Cabo can be cheap and I can come pick you up.

Jardin Alquimia


Non-alcoholic drink custom made with charcoal


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