The Remodel

Construction pic of Savannah’s Hacienda, named after my great-niece. The trailer downstairs will be moved away. There will be a bedroom added and the kitchen enclosed. When all done there will be 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I think the dining area will remain open air. The upstairs bedroom will have a deck added out back with a beautiful view of the mountains to the east. The west side upstairs has a view of the ocean and sunsets. The property has a garden in progress, tons of passion fruit, mango, avocado and banana trees to name a few edibles on site. Off to the left in the back a dog kennel is getting finished for Cookie. The pump house has washer and dryer with a room upstairs with bed, desk and toilet. It will be a great rental property!

Sidenote, excited to be going to a movie tomorrow night. There is a pizza restaurant the shows movies on Tuesday nights. Tomorrow’s film is The Post. Going to the movies is one of those activities I miss. No movie theaters around here.


                                                           Pump HouseF071DF55-AF08-43AB-8BD8-62B04F8D0344

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