Every time, I get out and about, there is always some connection made. People are so open and conversations start up easily. Of course, Cookie is a big draw and good conversation starter. Today I went to Todos Santos Cafe for lunch. (Had a great hamburger) The couple next to me started a conversation due to how cute, sweet and smart Cookie is! Well they are from Colorado. Then we figured out that Terry had sold his building to my nephew, Bubba, several years ago in Carbondale, CO! My nephew then later sold the building. When I called Bubba, he told me that is what got him the money to invest in the property down here. It’s just such a small world. Terry and his partner, Helen, are already thinking of coming to rent out our place once it is finished.

Later in the afternoon, I had a massage from my chiropractor’s wife, Dulce. I’m feeling a lovely to connection them already after 3 visits. They are very caring and good at what they do. They have 2 precious small girls, 1 and 3 who have stolen my heart. Dulce and I had a long converstation after the massage. She discussed the need for childcare for several families in the area. The idea of me have a “mother’s morning out” at some point came from our talk. Once I’m all settled, I would love to make that happen. It would fulfill the longing for a kid connection while building community and friendships. So we will see, maybe it will happen down the road. Today I feel lighter and more present which may have come from the connections from the day, along with a little self care. Plan on some more of the same tomorrow. Then Wednesday, I’ve been invited to join a group, the Silver Singles, a group of women who meet monthly as support for each other.

.                                      Hamburger from Todos Santos CafeF54D1DB2-BA97-4E89-A9F5-6D3CDF4DD8D6

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