It’s all good

Last night, Paty and I went to a reading of Alan Watts letters. He wrote The Way of Zen and several other philosophy books. His granddaughter lives here in Todos Santos. 2 daughters of Alan’s compiled a book of his letters. There are many. It’s a 600 page book. Heard one he wrote to Carl Jung at age 21. Fascinating and I’m compelled to read him. Paty says he was one who changed her life. There is always something lovely going on in town. (A little bit like Missoula that way). This weekend I will miss the local storytelling event they hold here. (FYI, Mark Moss) It is a lovely place, it’s just been too chaotic to fully enjoy. That could change. So for now headed to another place I love.

I’m off to the airport in about an hour. Better get going. Excited to see some of you soon. Lot’s of love. Frances

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