We made it

Cookie was great on her first flight! She became friends with the entire airport in Cabo and both planes we were on. Oops, she did have a little accident in the Denver airport. It was all cleaned and on our way we went. We had visited the dog relief room there but she did not take advantage of it. This snow stuff is foreign to her and she doesn’t like it on her paws. Starting Monday, we will be pet sitting for 2 other dogs. She made follow the lead there and become a snow dog like they are. We will see.

It feels good to be here. I stayed up late watching TV late because I could. It’s been 3 months since I’ve watched TV. Yes, some netflix here and there but that’s it. After a bath, only showers down in Baja, I’m off to pick up my mail, take care of some things today and make plans to connect with my Missoula peeps during the next few weeks. Oh so glad to be here.

                                                     Cookie’s first flight


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