What’s next

Our time in Missoula is coming to an end next Tuesday. But I’ll be back! Cookie was not a fan of the snow the first couple of days, now she romps around and loves it. We have been dog sitting for another puppy the same age. Hence, there has been much time for getting out and seeing people.

The MRI results show a messed up tendon in my ankle and surgery is in my future. The plan is to drive my car back up. Cookie will stay with my nephew’s family since I won’t be able to be weight bearing for 6 weeks. Yes, I’m going to miss her terribly. Realistically it wouldn’t work for me or her. The good thing is she is in the family. I will stay at my friend, Wendy’s for the summer. We’ve worked out a deal and my motorhome will be out there with all my belongings.

I hope to use my recovery time to figure out what’s next. Will need work and purpose. I hope to expand my greeting cards. The only place that has them now is the Good Food Store where they sell well. Work that involves a lot of standing will not work as there is also arthritis in both ankles that will only progress. At the end of April I will be cat sitting which will be perfect since I won’t have to walk the cats! Trusting it will come together. Yes money is getting tight. I know that Baja is not going to be the place, but never would have found that out without giving it a whirl.

I will probably leave Baja by the 18th and will give it a week to get back. Anyone wanna fly and drive back?! I will say if I find someone to drive my car back I would take advantage of it and I would fly back. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “What’s next”

    1. Not sure. Will have to see how recovery goes with the ankle. It’s 6 weeks with no weight on it. I’ll keep you posted. Hope to have surgery the first week or 2 of April. So at least not until probably June. Love ya


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