Why I Write

I’m trying to write. I write lots of stories in my head when I walk, when I wake. Putting them on paper is the struggle for me. This morning, I’m sharing a piece of writing from the prompt, why I write.

I write to be heard, to hear myself
I write to be understood, to understand
I write to remember, to forget
I write to forgive myself, to forgive others
I write to be surprised
I write to be delighted
I write to bring hope and joy
I write to grieve, to mourn
I write to move forward with what I have

I write to be disciplined
I write to honor stories, mine and others
I write to not feel alone, connect
I write for perspective, maybe a new one
I write to prove I can!
I write to reveal, show
I write to laugh, even at myself

I write because others say, “you should write”
I write because I have good stories to tell
I write because I have some of those good Southern tales, better than fiction

I write to be published
I write not to be published
I write now because I should have been all along

I write to remember loved ones
I write because I am only a speck in this universe, what have I got to lose
I write because our stories matter

4 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. I love this so much. I’ve been trying to read all of your postings but my computer won’t let me open many things. We are operating in Pescadero with just one server and my Internet is so slow. I wish you would/could share your writings on FB for a broader audience. They are so inspirational and we all need to be inspired these days. Things are so very strange. Love you my dear.

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    1. Thank you, Paty, gypsymama59! I am so glad you are inspired. I will share the link to the blog on FB so you can share if you’d like. Again, I can’t wait to get down there to see you. From your posts it looks like you are making some good meals. I’m eating too much ice cream! Much love


  2. “I write to hear myself…I write to grieve, to mourn.” I can relate. We write to express what out mouth cannot. I am in awe of this. Thanks.

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