No Rush

Well of course the Dolphin is in the shop, getting the oil pan replaced due to an oil leak. It’s old, I love it. Should get it this afternoon and then be good to go. Since this weekend is 4th of July (another holiday I don’t care for, many dogs and war veterans don’t love it either)  I’ll wait to start my journey back to Oregon next week. I plan to stock up on food, etc so the only stops I need to make are for gas and camping. It feels really important right now to social distance as much as possible. There are so many more people in Montana I’d love to see but socializing is just not a good idea.

The outdoors is undoubtably the best medicine for me. I do hope to take my time and enjoy it. There is no rush to get anywhere at this time.


2 thoughts on “No Rush”

  1. If only people could understand what a trigger fireworks are for all of us with pstd, esp. they know what it’s like to be shot at ?!? And animals can be so stressed as to running around in circles. hiding, etc. WHY are we still celebrating war?!? It is insane. My least favorite holiday.

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  2. Yes, I’ve always felt for my brother who is a combat Vietnam Vet. It absolutely unnerves him. Tonight I’m with a dog who is shaking with fright, doing a little better with some meds, music and weighted blanket.

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