Slaying dragons in your sleep

Pressing question: Do you ever wake up, your covers are strewn all over the place? Do you wonder, what dragons did you slay in your sleep last night? Are they gone now?
Lately, that’s been the case. In fact, I’ve tucked blankets in tight and it still happens.
A couple of months ago, the doc had me wear a monitor on my finger at home while I slept. The reading did show I am not breathing well in my sleep, not getting good oxygen. Hence, maybe that’s why I’m a lazy daytime person. I often feel like I want to go back to sleep during the day. A follow appointment with a sleep doctor is coming up in a couple of weeks. Probably need a Cpap machine. Hey, if it gives me better sleep and more energy why not.
I’ve alway prided myself on being a good sleeper and feel for those who can’t get to sleep or wake up at all hours unable to get back to sleep. I’m sleeping but sometimes that is all I want to do. Yes, I am content, more so than I have been in a long time. So it’s not a depression or anxiety. It does feel like possible oxygen deprivation. Curious where the doc will go with this and if energy will be revived.
Woke up thinking about sleep today. Hope you slept well. Time for a nap!

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