Fall is My Favorite Season

Fall can’t get here soon enough. Aside from it being my favorite season, it will be the end of summer travelers, the heat and smoke and my schedule will settle down.

Missoula has been run over with people from all over the place, making for increased traffic, prices and more unattractiveness. We had one of those stupid (yea that’s my opinion) party vehicles that people pedal while drinking. It went up and down our main street at five mph, people yelling like a bunch of newly released convicts, attractive!

The river was packed and littered. The cost of hotels tripled. Locals can’t afford increased rents much less buy a home in this most unfair market. I haven’t floated the river this summer.

My schedule has been full with pet/house sitting, doing some childcare and cleaning Airbnbs. It’s been good for my pocketbook but my soul could use a little down time.

Come fall I’ll get my van set up for camping, find a body of water and get to camping.
And get back on track with writing which has taken a back seat in the midst of busyness.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Fall is My Favorite Season”

  1. Oh my, Frances, you are so right. This has been a hellish summer, one of the hottest (as in days 90 or above for weeks on end) ever recorded. A one bedroom apartment runs about $1100! I haven’t hiked in weeks, as I don’t do well in heat. And way too many people in the Rattlesnake, my old go-to comfort spot in summer. Sigh.
    Fall can’t get here soon enough! Love and hugs, Ruth

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  2. Trying to catch up with you, Francis! I wish we could talk over lunch at the GFS. 0r the Burns Street Bistro. I miss you and the others I had gotten to know in Missoula. (Plus, Robin liked you better than folks who do pet care here!) And you’ve gotten me back to writing! The first thing I did was pick up a copy of “What We Carry” which I’ve shared with my granddaughter and her mom already. Now I’m reading Eudora Welty’s book. A memoir such as you’re doing is where I’m headed, I hope. Thanks for the inspiration. Love from the Eastern part of the country!

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    1. Oh Anne, how lovely to hear from you. Yes, we in Missoula miss you too. (Wendy, Anne from B&N). If you ever come this way, do let us know. Would love to read your writing. And thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hugs to you and Robin.


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