My Article on Next Avenue

I wrote a little something about “butt” cancer that was published today on Next Avenue. Yesterday, I had a three month check CT scan. The results came back this morning. Everything looks good. It was a big morning.

Learn the Facts About Anal Cancer

After reading Suleika Jaouad’s Between Two Kingdoms, I realize how easy I had it compared to other cancers. The treatment although brutal was for a short period of time with an excellent outcome.

It’s day four of the Isolation Journal’s 30 day journaling project. So far I’m sticking to it! I’m committed.

Meantime, in Missoula we are having the 3rd longest winter on record. Yep its gray and in the 30’s today and will be all week. I’m planning my tropical getaway for next winter.

Today I’m caring for a little ray of sunshine, a seven month old baby boy. Off I go – mainly wanted to share my article.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “My Article on Next Avenue”

  1. So glad you are cancer free!! And being published. And surviving certainly the coldest winter I’ve ever observed in Missoula. Love and hugs!

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