Potholes and dirt highway coming soon!

A couple of uneventful days on the road. That’s good. Leaving Guerrero Negro soon and will be going through the pot hole section as well as 20 miles of dirt highway. Tonight, I will reward myself with a stay at The Sand Dollar in San Felipe. It was my first stay on the way down, right on the sea of Cortez. The last 2 hotels I stayed in claimed they had internet, but it didn’t work in either, hence no word from the journey. By the way, enjoying The Alice Network very much.

Talk to you soon.

Journey back

Tomorrow I start driving up Baja, making my way back to Montana. Plan to take it slow through Baja, especially where there are potholes a plenty! Learned my lesson coming down. First stop will be Loreto. It’s been a peaceful week in Pescadero. The trailer where I’m staying has been moved from the construction. No one else is here, just me and Cookie. I’ve connected and gone out with friends I’ve made here. Friday night, David Raitt, brother of Bonnie Raitt, played at Hotel California. Special guest was Peter Revira of the band, Rare Earth, a good 70’s band. I Just Want to Celebrate I also had Tres Leche Cake for the first time. Wow, what a treat. This evening going to the local story telling event. Story telling

Cookie will stay in Baja 😦 My great-niece is coming down for spring break. They will take her to Aspen. It’s not practical for me to have her when I go through surgery and 6 weeks of no weight bearing on the ankle. Hopefully, after that I will be in a position to have her again. I am missing her already.

Any suggestions for a good audio book for the trip? Treating myself to one from Audible.

Tres Leche Cake


What’s next

Our time in Missoula is coming to an end next Tuesday. But I’ll be back! Cookie was not a fan of the snow the first couple of days, now she romps around and loves it. We have been dog sitting for another puppy the same age. Hence, there has been much time for getting out and seeing people.

The MRI results show a messed up tendon in my ankle and surgery is in my future. The plan is to drive my car back up. Cookie will stay with my nephew’s family since I won’t be able to be weight bearing for 6 weeks. Yes, I’m going to miss her terribly. Realistically it wouldn’t work for me or her. The good thing is she is in the family. I will stay at my friend, Wendy’s for the summer. We’ve worked out a deal and my motorhome will be out there with all my belongings.

I hope to use my recovery time to figure out what’s next. Will need work and purpose. I hope to expand my greeting cards. The only place that has them now is the Good Food Store where they sell well. Work that involves a lot of standing will not work as there is also arthritis in both ankles that will only progress. At the end of April I will be cat sitting which will be perfect since I won’t have to walk the cats! Trusting it will come together. Yes money is getting tight. I know that Baja is not going to be the place, but never would have found that out without giving it a whirl.

I will probably leave Baja by the 18th and will give it a week to get back. Anyone wanna fly and drive back?! I will say if I find someone to drive my car back I would take advantage of it and I would fly back. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

We made it

Cookie was great on her first flight! She became friends with the entire airport in Cabo and both planes we were on. Oops, she did have a little accident in the Denver airport. It was all cleaned and on our way we went. We had visited the dog relief room there but she did not take advantage of it. This snow stuff is foreign to her and she doesn’t like it on her paws. Starting Monday, we will be pet sitting for 2 other dogs. She made follow the lead there and become a snow dog like they are. We will see.

It feels good to be here. I stayed up late watching TV late because I could. It’s been 3 months since I’ve watched TV. Yes, some netflix here and there but that’s it. After a bath, only showers down in Baja, I’m off to pick up my mail, take care of some things today and make plans to connect with my Missoula peeps during the next few weeks. Oh so glad to be here.

                                                     Cookie’s first flight


It’s all good

Last night, Paty and I went to a reading of Alan Watts letters. He wrote The Way of Zen and several other philosophy books. His granddaughter lives here in Todos Santos. 2 daughters of Alan’s compiled a book of his letters. There are many. It’s a 600 page book. Heard one he wrote to Carl Jung at age 21. Fascinating and I’m compelled to read him. Paty says he was one who changed her life. There is always something lovely going on in town. (A little bit like Missoula that way). This weekend I will miss the local storytelling event they hold here. (FYI, Mark Moss) It is a lovely place, it’s just been too chaotic to fully enjoy. That could change. So for now headed to another place I love.

I’m off to the airport in about an hour. Better get going. Excited to see some of you soon. Lot’s of love. Frances


Every time, I get out and about, there is always some connection made. People are so open and conversations start up easily. Of course, Cookie is a big draw and good conversation starter. Today I went to Todos Santos Cafe for lunch. (Had a great hamburger) The couple next to me started a conversation due to how cute, sweet and smart Cookie is! Well they are from Colorado. Then we figured out that Terry had sold his building to my nephew, Bubba, several years ago in Carbondale, CO! My nephew then later sold the building. When I called Bubba, he told me that is what got him the money to invest in the property down here. It’s just such a small world. Terry and his partner, Helen, are already thinking of coming to rent out our place once it is finished.

Later in the afternoon, I had a massage from my chiropractor’s wife, Dulce. I’m feeling a lovely to connection them already after 3 visits. They are very caring and good at what they do. They have 2 precious small girls, 1 and 3 who have stolen my heart. Dulce and I had a long converstation after the massage. She discussed the need for childcare for several families in the area. The idea of me have a “mother’s morning out” at some point came from our talk. Once I’m all settled, I would love to make that happen. It would fulfill the longing for a kid connection while building community and friendships. So we will see, maybe it will happen down the road. Today I feel lighter and more present which may have come from the connections from the day, along with a little self care. Plan on some more of the same tomorrow. Then Wednesday, I’ve been invited to join a group, the Silver Singles, a group of women who meet monthly as support for each other.

.                                      Hamburger from Todos Santos CafeF54D1DB2-BA97-4E89-A9F5-6D3CDF4DD8D6

Home is where the heart is

I dreamt last night that I was living in the Poverello Center in Missoula (the homeless shelter). Makes sense, I don’t really have a home, a shelter to call my own. Home is where your heart is. My heart’s in many places, Missoula, Eugene, Baja, Mississippi… In a week, I’ll be home in Missoula. Looking forward to seeing friends, a movie, trees, rivers, American food and maybe snow. And I’m looking forward to going to the doctor to find out the cause of my ankle pain. There is arthritis but there is something more, making it hard to walk for too long. There is a chiropractor here, Dr. Mark Waters, that I got to visit. He comes highly recommended. He recommended staying off my ankle and keep it elevated as much as possible.

The construction crew will show up bright and early tomorrow. Cookie and I will make our way to Todos Santos for the day. Go to the coffee shop and hang for long as possible then maybe find a spot to rest on the beach. Each day until I leave it will go something like that. Staying away from construction and keeping my foot up as much as possible. Tuesday, Antonio, the cute young gardener, and I may go to La Paz to shop for flowering plants, herbs and the like. He and I are designing a corner garden and sitting area. It is shaded most of the day and is the perfect spot to sit and read or visit or just take a break from it all.  The garden will have color, textures, yummy smells and edibles. That is my hope.

                         My constant and most loved companion, Cookie


The Remodel

Construction pic of Savannah’s Hacienda, named after my great-niece. The trailer downstairs will be moved away. There will be a bedroom added and the kitchen enclosed. When all done there will be 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I think the dining area will remain open air. The upstairs bedroom will have a deck added out back with a beautiful view of the mountains to the east. The west side upstairs has a view of the ocean and sunsets. The property has a garden in progress, tons of passion fruit, mango, avocado and banana trees to name a few edibles on site. Off to the left in the back a dog kennel is getting finished for Cookie. The pump house has washer and dryer with a room upstairs with bed, desk and toilet. It will be a great rental property!

Sidenote, excited to be going to a movie tomorrow night. There is a pizza restaurant the shows movies on Tuesday nights. Tomorrow’s film is The Post. Going to the movies is one of those activities I miss. No movie theaters around here.


                                                           Pump HouseF071DF55-AF08-43AB-8BD8-62B04F8D0344