Every time, I get out and about, there is always some connection made. People are so open and conversations start up easily. Of course, Cookie is a big draw and good conversation starter. Today I went to Todos Santos Cafe for lunch. (Had a great hamburger) The couple next to me started a conversation due to how cute, sweet and smart Cookie is! Well they are from Colorado. Then we figured out that Terry had sold his building to my nephew, Bubba, several years ago in Carbondale, CO! My nephew then later sold the building. When I called Bubba, he told me that is what got him the money to invest in the property down here. It’s just such a small world. Terry and his partner, Helen, are already thinking of coming to rent out our place once it is finished.

Later in the afternoon, I had a massage from my chiropractor’s wife, Dulce. I’m feeling a lovely to connection them already after 3 visits. They are very caring and good at what they do. They have 2 precious small girls, 1 and 3 who have stolen my heart. Dulce and I had a long converstation after the massage. She discussed the need for childcare for several families in the area. The idea of me have a “mother’s morning out” at some point came from our talk. Once I’m all settled, I would love to make that happen. It would fulfill the longing for a kid connection while building community and friendships. So we will see, maybe it will happen down the road. Today I feel lighter and more present which may have come from the connections from the day, along with a little self care. Plan on some more of the same tomorrow. Then Wednesday, I’ve been invited to join a group, the Silver Singles, a group of women who meet monthly as support for each other.

.                                      Hamburger from Todos Santos CafeF54D1DB2-BA97-4E89-A9F5-6D3CDF4DD8D6

Home is where the heart is

I dreamt last night that I was living in the Poverello Center in Missoula (the homeless shelter). Makes sense, I don’t really have a home, a shelter to call my own. Home is where your heart is. My heart’s in many places, Missoula, Eugene, Baja, Mississippi… In a week, I’ll be home in Missoula. Looking forward to seeing friends, a movie, trees, rivers, American food and maybe snow. And I’m looking forward to going to the doctor to find out the cause of my ankle pain. There is arthritis but there is something more, making it hard to walk for too long. There is a chiropractor here, Dr. Mark Waters, that I got to visit. He comes highly recommended. He recommended staying off my ankle and keep it elevated as much as possible.

The construction crew will show up bright and early tomorrow. Cookie and I will make our way to Todos Santos for the day. Go to the coffee shop and hang for long as possible then maybe find a spot to rest on the beach. Each day until I leave it will go something like that. Staying away from construction and keeping my foot up as much as possible. Tuesday, Antonio, the cute young gardener, and I may go to La Paz to shop for flowering plants, herbs and the like. He and I are designing a corner garden and sitting area. It is shaded most of the day and is the perfect spot to sit and read or visit or just take a break from it all.  The garden will have color, textures, yummy smells and edibles. That is my hope.

                         My constant and most loved companion, Cookie


The Remodel

Construction pic of Savannah’s Hacienda, named after my great-niece. The trailer downstairs will be moved away. There will be a bedroom added and the kitchen enclosed. When all done there will be 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I think the dining area will remain open air. The upstairs bedroom will have a deck added out back with a beautiful view of the mountains to the east. The west side upstairs has a view of the ocean and sunsets. The property has a garden in progress, tons of passion fruit, mango, avocado and banana trees to name a few edibles on site. Off to the left in the back a dog kennel is getting finished for Cookie. The pump house has washer and dryer with a room upstairs with bed, desk and toilet. It will be a great rental property!

Sidenote, excited to be going to a movie tomorrow night. There is a pizza restaurant the shows movies on Tuesday nights. Tomorrow’s film is The Post. Going to the movies is one of those activities I miss. No movie theaters around here.


                                                           Pump HouseF071DF55-AF08-43AB-8BD8-62B04F8D0344

Muchas Gracias

Thank you everyone for your words and other forms of communication that came my way. I felt your love through this virtual world we live in. The day ended on a sweet note. My friend, Paty and I attended an art benefit for the local up and coming hospice, Comfort Care  at Jardin Alquimia  Paty is such a gift. She knows just about everyone and makes sure that I get introduced to all the good people around here. There is a strong art and music community. Several folks I’ve meet are involved in contributing to the community here, be it rescuing animals, holding spay and neuter clinics, recycling, or helping locals in their own individual ways. I am seeing many opportunities to volunteer and look forward to trying some of them out.

I’m enjoying my 2nd night of a 10 day house/pet sit. Cookie and I are in the company of 9 month old dog, Frances and Lyka. Cookie is in heaven with the other dogs and huge fenced in yard. My nephew’s house is in full remodel/construction mode. It’s fortunate that I got this gig. The house should be ready sometime in April. It will be nice to get the house listed and rented on Airbnb and get this ball rolling. A steady purpose and income will be welcome. Plus being the host of the house, I’ll probably get to meet some fun travelers. A few stores here are buying my greeting cards and they are selling. In my usual fashion, I’m bring in a little money here and there doing this and that. Mid February I am flying into Missoula for about a month, another opportunity to be away for construction and take care of a few things that are easier to take care of in the states.

Once the house is finished, consider a visit! Flights to Cabo can be cheap and I can come pick you up.

Jardin Alquimia


Non-alcoholic drink custom made with charcoal


Cloudy in paradise

It’s a rainy cloudy day in paradise. I’m making some friends here in Pescadero/Todos Santos, but feeling homesick. Getting here was exciting, but now reality is hitting.  Do I want to live here, or only be here part time? It is a different culture, different language, different land, food and ways. The contrast of gringo life and poor native people is hard on the heart. The site of a young girl in town who walked into an industrial container which was her home won’t leave me heart. I miss my own child and continue to feel heartbroken that we are not in relationship. It’s one of those days. Comforting words are welcome.


We’ve had another set of guests this week and construction started on the remodel. So I’m back to sleeping outside and grabbing anything I need out of the trailer when no one is in there. Good news is I have a place to land for some alone time starting tonight. It’s pictured below. The house has an ocean view to the west, mountain view on the east with friends from Montana staying on their property right down the road. In the midst of it all, I did have a dinner party last night to gather new friends and old. It was fun being a hostess down here. Just woke up at 7:00AM to learn we need to drive to Cabo for some building supplies. This is how it goes, no down time and off we go.

PS, Cookie, the puppy has been spayed since I last wrote and doing great. She continues to be a prize of a dog, very smart and personable. I look forward to catching you up more when time allows.

                                                      Where I get to house sit


New Year

It’s been a week since I’ve written. New Year’s Day, I went for a 5 hour hike with the friends I meet while staying in the rental for a few nights. A family from Ashland, OR. Roz and Gary are 10 years older than me. Leah, their daughter is 41. We all enjoyed each other from the get go and they feel like kindred spirits. Our hike started on the beach, through tide pools and up a cliff for a view of the whales doing their thing out in the ocean. Later, same group plus our friend, Paty went to Marina’s restaurant to bring in the New Year.

Spent the rest of the week with family friends who only had a few days left of their visit, taking care of the new puppy and a few days in Cabo to meet up with my friend, Amy and her husband who ported there for a day on their cruise. I ended up staying 3 nights in a great Airbnb with the most helpful host and hostess. The host happened to be in the automotive business. I asked if there is a Mazda dealership in Cabo. There is not. He offered to take my car to have the bent rims fixed. I’ve been driving with the bent rims since the flat tires earlier in my journey. Even woke up with a flat the day I was leaving for Cabo. They needed to be replaced or repaired. I stayed an extra night in order for my host, Adrian, to take my car in. He brought it back with fixed rims and a clean car inside and out. All for $100. It was going to be $400 – $500 for new rims. If you’re ever in Cabo, I recommend Adrian’s Airbnb

Thursday, I meet Amy and Jamie at the marina. We took a boat right out to Land’s End Arch, saw sea lions v,b, pelicans, and seals catching a ride on the back of fishing boats and getting a free meal. It was a short visit as they were herded back onto the cruise ship just after lunch. Friday, the day before the car was fixed, I found a beach just 15 minutes east of Cabo that offered swimming, sunning and snorkeling without the loud music and crowds that inhabit the beaches right in Cabo. Adrian lent me a snorkel and mask. It was a most relaxing day off by myself, sunning, swimming and snorkeling. Although I did get knocked into the coral a bit by waves and have some pretty good scratches to show for it. The car was fixed by noon on Saturday. Before, I left I hit Costco and Walmart for food and supplies. In Walmart, my cart was mainly full of puppy toys, bed and treats. I couldn’t wait to get back home to her. It was a quick reunion with Cookie, my nephew, his wife and Savannah when I got back to Pescadero. This was Leah’s (new friend from Oregon) last night. So back to Marina’s we went for a send off dinner. Leah is an excellent Salsa dancer. She taught me some dance steps. I’m inspired to take lessons here and keep it up. Today it’s quiet and down to just me, my nephew, his wife and my great niece. We make a good foursome. We woke up slow, made our way to the Sunday market at Baja Beans, back to the casa for naps, walk and a home cooked dinner with fresh flounder. The waves and crickets are now singing me to sleep.


                               Chileno Beach CaboFEF9BD6E-EEF7-4BE1-BC0A-1C3BDF8D34D8

Now we’re talking

I’m back at my nephew’s even though my room is not ready. Slept upstairs of the main house in the open air with my great-niece and the two boys who are visiting and the puppy. It felt so good with the breeze, waves and otherwise quiet. Cookie was in her kennel for about 30 minutes before she started whining. I didn’t want her to keep other’s up so she slept with me the rest of the night. She did not get up until the morning. Such a good puppy. I look forward to being on puppy duty until I go to Cabo on the 4th for a day or two. My dear friend, Amy and her husband, Jamie or sometimes known as Scott Knight (once he becomes a famous drummer that’s what his name will be!) are on a cruise. They will be in Cabo for the day on the 4th. Not sure where their ship will port. However, Amy said I should just look for the big white ship. I’ll let you know how that works out.

It’s New Year’s Eve day. Everyone left early to go surf for about an hour. Cookie and I are so content to be here on the open air 2nd floor with coffee and peace and quiet. They will show back up before you know it. Food will be fixed and preparations made to get back out to the beach for more surfing. Cookie and I will go for a bit at the 2nd go round. Not sure what the plans are for New Year’s Eve. Rancho Pescadero , the fancy hotel a block away from the house will have fireworks. Maybe we will walk to the beach to watch.

                                                         Morning time0844DDA1-E64C-4831-9F14-7DCC91D4D7C5

                                                            My room