Now we’re talking

I’m back at my nephew’s even though my room is not ready. Slept upstairs of the main house in the open air with my great-niece and the two boys who are visiting and the puppy. It felt so good with the breeze, waves and otherwise quiet. Cookie was in her kennel for about 30 minutes before she started whining. I didn’t want her to keep other’s up so she slept with me the rest of the night. She did not get up until the morning. Such a good puppy. I look forward to being on puppy duty until I go to Cabo on the 4th for a day or two. My dear friend, Amy and her husband, Jamie or sometimes known as Scott Knight (once he becomes a famous drummer that’s what his name will be!) are on a cruise. They will be in Cabo for the day on the 4th. Not sure where their ship will port. However, Amy said I should just look for the big white ship. I’ll let you know how that works out.

It’s New Year’s Eve day. Everyone left early to go surf for about an hour. Cookie and I are so content to be here on the open air 2nd floor with coffee and peace and quiet. They will show back up before you know it. Food will be fixed and preparations made to get back out to the beach for more surfing. Cookie and I will go for a bit at the 2nd go round. Not sure what the plans are for New Year’s Eve. Rancho Pescadero , the fancy hotel a block away from the house will have fireworks. Maybe we will walk to the beach to watch.

                                                         Morning time0844DDA1-E64C-4831-9F14-7DCC91D4D7C5

                                                            My room


What’s on the inside

It’s 6:00 AM. The house I’m renting is in the town of Pescadero. The walls are thin and the roosters crow starting around 5:30. During the night I’ve heard some terrible dog fights. My mind goes to missing my daughter and grandchildren. I give that a few tears then get up and get the coffee going. This morning I’m going to get in some quiet time with a walk on the beach. I look at Facebook a bit. Love seeing what everyone is up to, until that one photo of grand parents and grandkids shows up and then I have click off. Grief is complicated as it is. Experiencing grief for a child who is still alive, who does not want you in their life adds another element of complication. It’s a grief that goes unrecognized. When I’m with everyone at the hot springs I will excuse myself for a little nap. No one has to know why. Alone time is more essential so that this grief does not interfere with everyone’s good time.


It’s been busy. I can’t say I’ve been able to relax into the Baja routine that I imagine will happen down the road. My nephew’s family and their friends with 2 boys are always up to fun, beach time, surfing, etc with a delicious meal cooked in their open air kitchen and dining area at the end of the day. Only to get up and we do it all over again. In addition, I’ve made some friends in the area where I am renting a little casa for the week. On one of my previous visits here, I recall seeing this woman at the market. She had a smile and way about her that made me think, she looks like she is enjoying life, I’d like to know her. Well, she lives in the house right next door to where I am staying. Her kitchen and eating area are open air out front. So when I get up and the others that are staying around here, we often find ourselves right at Paty’s getting a morning visit in. She has lived here for 9 years after coming down for several years before that. She and I are planning to go out for coffee tomorrow at Baja Beans.

Yesterday, my great-niece and I went to meet a litter of puppies. None of the ones I posted pictures of were available anymore. We did fall for “Socks”. We will pick her up tomorrow afternoon. The arrangement is that we will foster her for a week to make sure it is a good fit. I really hope it is. She is a good-looking and sweet puppy.  We would have gotten her today, but we took the whole crew back to Santa Rita hot springs. The day ended back in Pescadero eating true Mexican enchiladas at Felipe’s. Too full and tired to tell you more. For now Buenas noches and dulces suenos.



Pelicans, whales and coffee

74028243-9C06-45F5-93DF-F1E2CE845188This morning finally got down to the beach for a walk. There were lots of pelicans as well as whales doing their thing out in the ocean. Then back to help my nephew get some work done on his house. There is construction happening. His goal is to have it ready to rent out directly and via Airbnb. (keep that in mind for a future vacation). I will most probably be your hostess. I went into town mid afternoon for a stroll and a some window shopping. The local bookstore is going to carry my greeting cards. That’s exciting. The next stop was one of my favorite places for afternoon coffee, La Esquina.

My niece in law and great-niece arrived tonight from Colorado. They have friends coming this weekend for a few nights. It is going to be a full house here. I found a cute little place to stay not far away. I am looking forward to some alone time at night and in the mornings. We all plan to spend days at the local surfing beach. Tomorrow, my 11-year-old great niece and I are going into town to do some Christmas shopping. She is excited about getting some presents for her parents. It’s just the right amount of Christmas for me. Having a child around is what makes it special anyway.


Hot Springs

For Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Even though I landed yesterday, I didn’t stay out of the car today.  I was not driving thank goodness for a change. My nephew had to pick up a trailer in Bahia de la Ventura. We made a day out of it. First stopping in an old mining town, El Triunfo for breakfast at Cafe El Triunfo. Excited to know there is an art festival here in the spring. Our next stop was El Chorro hot spring nestled in the foot hills of Sierra de la Laguna. It was beautiful with a nice spot for swimming. The hot spring was minimal however. We ventured over to Santa Rita hot spring on dirt bumpy mountain roads. Amazing that google maps got us there. Santa Rita has very nice pool that could fit maybe up to 10 people. We only stayed long enough to dip our toes in and visit a bit with the family that was up there from Portland, Oregon. Our next stop was la Ventura with dinner on the beach after picking up the trailer.

                                                          Cafe el Triunfo908247DC-FD68-447E-A4A9-EE109045B40C

.                                                         El Chorro7E422121-10B9-4A5F-9F7D-7B2E64854D13

                                                 Santa Rita Hot Spring52B8E697-80F7-439D-AAC5-9686051AACC5

Made it

Wow, I’m here. Got here just in time for the sunset. Then a bite to eat in Todos Santos. I’m settled in at my nephew’s. He’s in bed early since he has been working so hard on his house. It is beautiful. Tomorrow the plan is to get up early, run some errands then go try out some nearby hot springs. His wife, child and friends will be arriving on Friday. We want to see how nice the hot springs are so we can take everyone up there as a surprise.

The house is about 2 blocks off the beach. From the 2nd story of the house, one can catch a sunset and smell of the ocean. By the sound of the waves as I write this, it sounds as if we are right on the beach. Thinking it might be almost too loud if we were right on the beach. This is perfect.


The things that help

I’m drinking coffee trying to decide if I should just hit the road and get to Todos Santos, a little over 5 hour drive without borrowing trouble. Or I could wait for the tire shop to open and see if they have 2 new tire rims for the bent ones. The car drove fine yesterday. Believe me I went slow and paid very close attention. I could deal with getting new rims in Cabo once I’m in Todos. It might be nice to get the car unloaded and then deal with the rim. So I’ll let you know what I decide once the decision is made.

Here’s a podcast that got me through my somewhat anxious drive yesterday. It helped. Thanks Jenny Larson The bloggess and John Moe with The Hilarious World of Depression

via I had a lot of anxiety talking about anxiety on a podcast about anxiety.