Ferns and photos

Reunited with old friends, Deborah and Deborah, for a wet walk in the woods. We got rained on and I never warmed up for the rest of the day. A reminder of one of the reasons I left Oregon. The winters are too wet and cold for me. The cold stays in my bones all day long. In Montana, the temperature can be below zero, but it stays out of my bones. 59944EF6-5CEB-408F-8B72-C0351E73A79F

Late afternoon, I meet my friend, Beth, at the Natural History Museum . I was moved from the moment I saw the eyes of an indigenous woman who’s pain seemed familiar. Maybe she too, had experienced loss of family. Dana Gluckstein

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Took my friend, Amy, away from her work for a bit with an afternoon stroll through Eugene Holiday Market. Settled in at Amy’s house for the week. It’s amazing to be a witness to Amy working her magic with her real estate business, Amy Thompson Homes Real Estate. Truly her clients are lucky to have her expertise and it’s no surprise that she is in the top 1% of residential real estate brokers in Lane County.

I’ll be cooking the elk meat I brought from Montana tonight. (Thanks Joe) Amy’s going to pass, but her husband, Jamie is willing.

Cheese grits

I’m in gratitude for the smoothness of my journey so far. Made it Eugene which holds an amazing group of friends and love. Walked into my friend Cathy’s house late afternoon yesterday greeted by her newest boxer rescue, Morgan. He and I became immediate friends as he handed me his ball to toss. Her house holds familiar smells and layout that feels like home. Morgan and I will hold down the fort while she is away for the holiday. Gathering with dear friends at 3:00 this afternoon for turkey and fixings. For now drinking coffee and getting a glimpse of  the 91st Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Have plenty of time to relax and cook cheese garlic grits.

Modified Cheese Garlic Grits
From Southern Sideboards Cookbook

Short drive

Short drive from Missoula to Spokane yesterday was a little exhausting. Rain, semis and darkness fell in early afternoon. Plus, I’ve been in high gear getting ready for this trip. Resting this morning in Spokane before drive to Portland today.

Would love to sit down with a blog expert. Trying to change the color of my font in the header and publish videos. Plus I’m sure there is so much I could learn.

Day before take off

It’s going to be hard to fall asleep tonight. Feeling journey proud, as my mama would say. Thinking of all of you who have been there for me, especially during this past year. Each of you have helped, in your own way to give me the courage to make this journey possible. I will carry your smiles, hugs and words along for the ride. Stay tuned as we travel together.

The day before I take off from Missoula for my journey to Baja via the West Coast, friends came to send me off. Thanks to the “Hellgate Junior League” members for the send off. Tomorrow, I’ll make my way to Spokane, Wa. Then to Portland to stay with Bill and LeBrie. Wednesday will take the opportunity to visit Bill’s art exhibit

Bill Will Funhouse

Everything is falling into place beautifully. Feeling blessed.

Send off!
Hellgate Junior League members.
Lee, Caroline and Julie Rae
Lovely Missoula ladies.