It’s been busy. I can’t say I’ve been able to relax into the Baja routine that I imagine will happen down the road. My nephew’s family and their friends with 2 boys are always up to fun, beach time, surfing, etc with a delicious meal cooked in their open air kitchen and dining area at the end of the day. Only to get up and we do it all over again. In addition, I’ve made some friends in the area where I am renting a little casa for the week. On one of my previous visits here, I recall seeing this woman at the market. She had a smile and way about her that made me think, she looks like she is enjoying life, I’d like to know her. Well, she lives in the house right next door to where I am staying. Her kitchen and eating area are open air out front. So when I get up and the others that are staying around here, we often find ourselves right at Paty’s getting a morning visit in. She has lived here for 9 years after coming down for several years before that. She and I are planning to go out for coffee tomorrow at Baja Beans.

Yesterday, my great-niece and I went to meet a litter of puppies. None of the ones I posted pictures of were available anymore. We did fall for “Socks”. We will pick her up tomorrow afternoon. The arrangement is that we will foster her for a week to make sure it is a good fit. I really hope it is. She is a good-looking and sweet puppy.  We would have gotten her today, but we took the whole crew back to Santa Rita hot springs. The day ended back in Pescadero eating true Mexican enchiladas at Felipe’s. Too full and tired to tell you more. For now Buenas noches and dulces suenos.



Made it

Wow, I’m here. Got here just in time for the sunset. Then a bite to eat in Todos Santos. I’m settled in at my nephew’s. He’s in bed early since he has been working so hard on his house. It is beautiful. Tomorrow the plan is to get up early, run some errands then go try out some nearby hot springs. His wife, child and friends will be arriving on Friday. We want to see how nice the hot springs are so we can take everyone up there as a surprise.

The house is about 2 blocks off the beach. From the 2nd story of the house, one can catch a sunset and smell of the ocean. By the sound of the waves as I write this, it sounds as if we are right on the beach. Thinking it might be almost too loud if we were right on the beach. This is perfect.


Flat tire #2

For Saturday, December 16th

I got my car all packed up, ready to eat some breakfast when some people in their car appeared to be wanting my attention. They yelled,  “Did you know you have a flat?” The first flat I handled without stressing out too much. But wasn’t sure I was ready to handle a 2nd one just the day after the 1st one. Again, I was lucky in that it was early and I was still at the hotel. One of the gentleman from the hotel called for assistance. I went ahead and got some breakfast at the hotel while waiting for the repairman. I was hungry and already the day was showing it’s challenges. I cried over breakfast. Stress can bring up what’s at the bottom of most of my sadness these days, the loss of my connection to my daughter and my grandchildren. That pain will never leave, but I am learning to manage it better. This drive to Baja is part of the management plan!

The second flat showed a bent rim as did the 1st one. They were on the same side, so obviously the damage occurred when I hit the pot hole yesterday. The tire was repaired. I will need to get new rims once in Todos Santos. For here, until I get there, I will be driving slow and with more alertness than before.

Made it to San Ignacio, a small, sleepy palm oasis with a nice new motel, La Huerta Hotel I strolled around the square, visited the Mission San Ignacio got a fish taco and a few pictures before bed.

                                     Mission San Ignacio





San Felipe

Arrived in San Felipe around 2 this afternoon. Went straight for the fish taco. For about a $1.60 I got one of the best fish tacos I may have ever had. Located on Malecon, Maria has been serving tacos for nearly 30 years, at Taqueria y Moriscos Adriana. I drove south of town a bit to check out a few beaches. I ended up with a room at the San Dollar just south of town. It is clean with a gated parking lot and right on the beach.

Drove back into town for dinner. Probably should have gone for another fish taco. Instead tried Mariscos La Morena, known for their coconut shrimp. I give it a 3 star for food, a 5 star for personal service. My waiter and I struck up a conversation. He spoke excellent English while encouraging me to learn some Spanish words. He is from Cabo so knows all of Baja quite well. He pulled out a map and helped me decide where to go each day on the way to Todos Santos. The plan is to make it to Guerrero Negro tomorrow night. A spot known for it’s whale watching. However, it’s just a little too soon for them to be in the area. He also warned me to ask for a certain amount of liters of gas. If you ask to fill up the tank, some attendants will hit a reset button when you are not looking. This continues to add up the cash amount without putting in more gas. Good to know. So I made my first friend. May have to get one more of Maria’s tacos before headed out in the morning.

Fish Taco62DD3E7B-741A-44FB-BC4E-52DAD7D6CA51

Room With A View

Day before take off

It’s going to be hard to fall asleep tonight. Feeling journey proud, as my mama would say. Thinking of all of you who have been there for me, especially during this past year. Each of you have helped, in your own way to give me the courage to make this journey possible. I will carry your smiles, hugs and words along for the ride. Stay tuned as we travel together.

The day before I take off from Missoula for my journey to Baja via the West Coast, friends came to send me off. Thanks to the “Hellgate Junior League” members for the send off. Tomorrow, I’ll make my way to Spokane, Wa. Then to Portland to stay with Bill and LeBrie. Wednesday will take the opportunity to visit Bill’s art exhibit

Bill Will Funhouse

Everything is falling into place beautifully. Feeling blessed.

Send off!
Hellgate Junior League members.
Lee, Caroline and Julie Rae
Lovely Missoula ladies.