Flat tire #2

For Saturday, December 16th

I got my car all packed up, ready to eat some breakfast when some people in their car appeared to be wanting my attention. They yelled,  “Did you know you have a flat?” The first flat I handled without stressing out too much. But wasn’t sure I was ready to handle a 2nd one just the day after the 1st one. Again, I was lucky in that it was early and I was still at the hotel. One of the gentleman from the hotel called for assistance. I went ahead and got some breakfast at the hotel while waiting for the repairman. I was hungry and already the day was showing it’s challenges. I cried over breakfast. Stress can bring up what’s at the bottom of most of my sadness these days, the loss of my connection to my daughter and my grandchildren. That pain will never leave, but I am learning to manage it better. This drive to Baja is part of the management plan!

The second flat showed a bent rim as did the 1st one. They were on the same side, so obviously the damage occurred when I hit the pot hole yesterday. The tire was repaired. I will need to get new rims once in Todos Santos. For here, until I get there, I will be driving slow and with more alertness than before.

Made it to San Ignacio, a small, sleepy palm oasis with a nice new motel, La Huerta Hotel I strolled around the square, visited the Mission San Ignacio got a fish taco and a few pictures before bed.

                                     Mission San Ignacio