Worth Your Time

It has warmed up to 16 degrees from 4 degrees today here in Missoula, MT. But the sun is shining and it’s actually quite beautiful after a day and night of steady snowfall. It will warm up to the 50’s by the end of the week. I’ll head to Eugene starting this Thursday.

A couple of talented friend’s work appeared this week. I hope you watch and listen. I found them both entertaining and enlightening. It’s worth your time.

Chris Sand: Montana’s rapping cowboy, “20 for 2020”

Also, part-time Missoulian, Quentin Robinson, stars in the first episode of Move on Netflix.

Quentin Robinson starring in Move


Cheap Entertainment

I am amazed to find ways to entertain myself during this time. Also, amazed at how fast a day goes by. I live alone is a one room studio with covetous thoughts of people with gardens, big kitchens, pets, roommates and family. Although, I’m sure living with others locked up together brings a whole other set of issues.

On a recent trip to the grocery, I spotted a “tiger” facial mask. Knowing that I still needed to finish watching Tiger King on Netflix I had to buy it and wear for the occasion. Can’t say I love the Tiger King, but it is fascinating about a world I knew nothing about.

Stayed tuned, I am searching for the perfect puppy to adopt. It’s been on my mind for awhile. Now with no pet sitting in the near future, the time has come. It will need to be a small-medium dog with a good temperament so she will be able to come along with me once pet sitting picks up again.

Are you keeping yourself entertained?!


Streaming recommendations

I’ve discovered a few uplifting series and movies. You may have found some too. Please share your recommendations in comments.

Modern Love – series based on New York Times column and podcast. On Amazon Prime.

Unorthodox – based on Deborah Feldman’s memoir. I love the gal who plays the main character. Inspiring to witness what she overcomes. On Netflix. Just 4 episodes. (Yes, I watched them all in one night)

The Upside – movie starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. Very sweet and funny. On Amazon and Showtime. Paraplegic hires a parolee as his personal caregiver.

Self Made – series starring Octavia Spencer, based on true story of Madame C.J. Walker, another inspiring story of a woman overcoming obstacles. Available on Netflix.

The Kominsky Method – series starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. An endearing friendship between 2 men. On Neflix.

Two Popes – movie starring Anthony Hopkins. Story of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis on Netflix.

Dead To Me – Comic drama on Netflix. One season, 2nd season coming in June!

Previously, I’ve been drawn to crime series, true crime, etc. These days I’m gravitating to lighter uplifting shows. Imagine that.

Happy Watching!