Toddlers, goats, chickens and a puppy!

Before the pandemic, I was part time nannying for twin two year boys. One with straight hair and cowlick, other one all curls. I am going to starting helping out with them again. Yesterday was good medicine taking care of these energetic, curious, precious boys, playing in their garden, chasing them around their property to pick blackberries, grapes and tomatoes, hanging out in the pen with the goats and chickens. Then back inside to throw some legos around, then back out for water play. All the while making sure no one needed to sit on the potty, doling out snacks and assuring they were safe at all times. They didn’t want to stay in any one place for too long.

One thing is clear, I need to start doing pilates and other forms of strength building exercises. By the end of my time with them, it was hard to get up and down. I’ve been on the heating pad, alternating with ice packs since yesterday afternoon. Today is probably all about rest, some stretching, and an acupuncture appointment. I did get to go by a friend’s yesterday evening to meet a new female corgi puppy. I can not wait to pet sit for her! So glad I meet her, I almost turned around while driving over to get back on the heating pad, it was painful. I’m new to back pain. Thank you friends who loaned out your heating pad and gave me arnica gel. We get by with a little help from our friends. Keep your core strong.

Now we’re talking

I’m back at my nephew’s even though my room is not ready. Slept upstairs of the main house in the open air with my great-niece and the two boys who are visiting and the puppy. It felt so good with the breeze, waves and otherwise quiet. Cookie was in her kennel for about 30 minutes before she started whining. I didn’t want her to keep other’s up so she slept with me the rest of the night. She did not get up until the morning. Such a good puppy. I look forward to being on puppy duty until I go to Cabo on the 4th for a day or two. My dear friend, Amy and her husband, Jamie or sometimes known as Scott Knight (once he becomes a famous drummer that’s what his name will be!) are on a cruise. They will be in Cabo for the day on the 4th. Not sure where their ship will port. However, Amy said I should just look for the big white ship. I’ll let you know how that works out.

It’s New Year’s Eve day. Everyone left early to go surf for about an hour. Cookie and I are so content to be here on the open air 2nd floor with coffee and peace and quiet. They will show back up before you know it. Food will be fixed and preparations made to get back out to the beach for more surfing. Cookie and I will go for a bit at the 2nd go round. Not sure what the plans are for New Year’s Eve. Rancho Pescadero , the fancy hotel a block away from the house will have fireworks. Maybe we will walk to the beach to watch.

                                                         Morning time0844DDA1-E64C-4831-9F14-7DCC91D4D7C5

                                                            My room