Short drive

Short drive from Missoula to Spokane yesterday was a little exhausting. Rain, semis and darkness fell in early afternoon. Plus, I’ve been in high gear getting ready for this trip. Resting this morning in Spokane before drive to Portland today.

Would love to sit down with a blog expert. Trying to change the color of my font in the header and publish videos. Plus I’m sure there is so much I could learn.

Day before take off

It’s going to be hard to fall asleep tonight. Feeling journey proud, as my mama would say. Thinking of all of you who have been there for me, especially during this past year. Each of you have helped, in your own way to give me the courage to make this journey possible. I will carry your smiles, hugs and words along for the ride. Stay tuned as we travel together.

The day before I take off from Missoula for my journey to Baja via the West Coast, friends came to send me off. Thanks to the “Hellgate Junior League” members for the send off. Tomorrow, I’ll make my way to Spokane, Wa. Then to Portland to stay with Bill and LeBrie. Wednesday will take the opportunity to visit Bill’s art exhibit

Bill Will Funhouse

Everything is falling into place beautifully. Feeling blessed.

Send off!
Hellgate Junior League members.
Lee, Caroline and Julie Rae
Lovely Missoula ladies.