A Read for You

I went to bed early and woke up early. I enjoy nothing more than a good cup of coffee in the quiet morning and a good read. A privilege I don’t take for granted.
On twitter, Hippocampus announced Pushcart nominees. It gave me a goal today, to read all the essays.
This is the second one I’ve read so far. It is so well written, well crafted, so moving, inspiring. We all could some inspiration during these strange times.
This is for you today
The Gradual Extinction of Softness by Chantha Nguon with Kim Green

Thanks for reading. More hotel tales to come. We are having Sunday, funday with chili on the stove, day after tomorrow.

Dogs in The White House Again!

Everything is lighter, more hopeful. Yes there is so much to be done. But for today I am mainly excited to have dogs back in the White House. So welcome Champ and Major Biden.
Champ and Major on twitter
Champ and Major on instagram

And a dog love song by Annie Heron

Upcoming post: artist to support with your holiday gift buying.