Who needs AAA?!

For Friday December 15, 2017

The good thing about camping is you go to sleep when the sun goes down and wake up when the sun comes up. Normally, I like to sleep in a bit and be lazy in the mornings. But being forced to do it differently, I got to experience the morning differently, a sunrise on the beach with coffee. The fish were jumping and the birds were diving. Walking on the beach, I found some beautiful quartzite rocks and got some pictures of the pelicans, sandpipers and oystercatchers. Maybe I should become a nerdy rock hound and bird watcher. Something to consider. Packed up and headed back to town for breakfast at the ole standby from yesterday, Costa del Sol. The chef did not disappoint. The shrimp omelet was perfectly cooked. The day was looking good so far. My goal was to make it to San Ignacio, a small colonial town set in a date palm oasis.

The first “town” I went through on highway 1 was Villa Jesus Maria which consisted of 3 buildings, a small store, gas station and tire repair shop. I had noticed this section of the highway was particularly populated with pot holes. I drove carefully and not too fast. About 5 miles from Villa Jesus, I hit a sneaker pot hole. Pop and air gauge light goes off. It is difficult to pull off the highway, the shoulders are high with no hard flat ground off the road. I drove off the road and immediately realized I was stuck in sand. A very nice middle-aged gentleman pulled over to assist. We tried  pulling the car out with a rope tied to his truck with no avail. We were both at a loss of ideas when a school bus full of young men stopped. About 20 men jump out of the bus and run to my rescue. They raised my car, replaced the tire with a spare and had me on my way. So who needs AAA anyway! The circumstance for having a flat tire could not have been more optimal. It was early in the day, I was 5 miles away from the tire repair shop in Villa Jesus and a bus load of young men happened to be driving by and stopped. Noel at the tire shop repaired my tire. There was no puncture, only a bent rim, so the tire could be put back on and secured. By 2:00, I was back on the road. However, because nightfall happens at 5:00 I stopped for the night in Guerrero Negro. From the Moon travel guide-book, I chose Malarrimo Motel. It was nothing to write home about, but had a bed and shower. There was still enough day to take a drive out to the old lighthouse that is surrounded by marshes that attract 95 different species of birds (again another opportunity to try out the idea of becoming a bird watcher). It was worth the drive. I saw osprey that may have come from Montana like me, pelicans, sandpipers, cranes and herons along with a beautiful sunset.

Back at the hotel, I started to watch the 2nd season of The Crown on Netflix. I made it through maybe 10 minutes before being sound asleep. Between not having slept well the night before and the excitement of a flat tire I was wiped out.

                                   Fish were jumping and birds were diving


                                                   Help when you need it!


.                                                 A gift at the end of the day