Streaming recommendations

I’ve discovered a few uplifting series and movies. You may have found some too. Please share your recommendations in comments.

Modern Love – series based on New York Times column and podcast. On Amazon Prime.

Unorthodox – based on Deborah Feldman’s memoir. I love the gal who plays the main character. Inspiring to witness what she overcomes. On Netflix. Just 4 episodes. (Yes, I watched them all in one night)

The Upside – movie starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. Very sweet and funny. On Amazon and Showtime. Paraplegic hires a parolee as his personal caregiver.

Self Made – series starring Octavia Spencer, based on true story of Madame C.J. Walker, another inspiring story of a woman overcoming obstacles. Available on Netflix.

The Kominsky Method – series starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. An endearing friendship between 2 men. On Neflix.

Two Popes – movie starring Anthony Hopkins. Story of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis on Netflix.

Dead To Me – Comic drama on Netflix. One season, 2nd season coming in June!

Previously, I’ve been drawn to crime series, true crime, etc. These days I’m gravitating to lighter uplifting shows. Imagine that.

Happy Watching!




Are we listening now?

This from 2018, could have been written today.  Features dancer,  Quentin Robinson  from Missoula, MT. I once came across him dancing in the park. I felt lucky, as if I had gotten into a dance performance for free.

And we love you,  John Prine

Resilient by Rising Appalachia


Yesterday all I could feel was the cruelty and unfairness of this life we live. I woke up feeling it. Later in the day, I heard news of  a family member that broke my heart. Our estrangement makes it impossible to reach out. Grief is just love with no where to go.

Today, I am choosing to see the beauty in this world. Is it not such a mix? It is about choice. Choosing to see the beauty, amongst the cruelty and loving it.

Love to you all.

Why I am writing this blog

This blog started as a way to stay connected on my solo journey to Baja from Montana a few years ago. I pretty much left it alone after that. Here we are on our solo journeys. We can’t meet for coffee. The title of this blog came from a friend, Marc Moss, as we sat over coffee. My daughter had cut off all communication with me. I was grieving, still am just differently. Choosing joy in spite of grief. My nephew had invited me to come stay at his place in El Pescadero. Fuck it, why not. So I write to not feel totally alone.

I think maybe I’ll post a picture each day with a piece of writing to go along, or I’ll just write as a journal or share a contemplative collage from my daily ritual to stay sane. Or I’ll share a recommendation of what I’m watching on Netflix or the like. Who knows, none of us know much right now. But we still got love.

Best diversion yesterday: Lola called to share that as she was looking out her window she spotted, Sam Elliott walking down her street. There’s that!


Are we listening?

Are we listening? Some are out of fear, some have welcomed the quiet, some are rebelling, keeping their doors open. Of course we are scared, have needed the quiet and want to argue that this isn’t happening, no not to me.

Those who want to believe they are in control are rattled, holding onto their believe system even harder than before. Some of us just want all to be forgiven and love even harder.