2 Years Later

Just over 2 years ago, I traveled to El Pescadero, Baja with the thought of living there and managing my nephew’s vacation home. It’s taken this long to have all the construction and finishes touches done. It’s beautiful and available to rent now via me, Airbnb and VRBO. 

From this: E895EDCA-9E3F-41B3-AEF7-0EFCF2D44041

To this: 7C0B05E1-D385-4E4C-ACA3-A2DB251C39C1

I’m not living there but managing reservations from afar. I’ve enjoyed building the rental sites, getting Casa de Savannah on google maps and communicating with renters. A couple of people have asked about the possibility of holding a wedding there. A wedding planner is visiting the casa later in April to see if it is suitable.

Check it out: Casa de Savannah Airbnb 

Casa de Savannah Facebook

Journey to Baja #2

The journey back to Baja has begun. Last week I drove from Missoula to Eugene with a stop for the day in Portland. My dear friend LeBrie and I meet at  Por Que No Taqueria for fish tacos, people watching and good laughs. LeBrie currently has an art show up of her felt creations like no other at Wolff Gallery . The gallery was closed on the day I was there. Since I’m in Oregon for 6 weeks, a trip back to Portland is in the works to see the show before it closes.

It’s a beautiful time of year to be in Oregon. It’s still green with fall colors happening and a bounty of late-blooming fruits. There is not a lack of fun things to do and good friends to do them with. In a couple of weeks a group of us are gathering to go about town in Eugene creating public art. Details to come. Yesterday, my plan was to drive up to Waldo Lake , one of the largest natural lakes in Oregon. However, I spotted a creative writing class that started last night. I made the choice to sign up. Waldo Lake is calling too. I’ve never been there but will answer the call this month.

My first snafu of this journey was last night. Parking is scarce downtown so I parked  in the parking garage below the library. After class, a classmate and I walked to our cars together. The garage door had been closed for the night. It never occurred to me that would happen! Jackie, classmate, drove me home. This morning a friend drove me back to the library. I’ll be contributing $17 to the City of Eugene for the parking ticket. It gave me pause to think of some of my snafus this year (such as 4 different flat tires). Each time, I was in a safe place, there was always someone who felt like an angel show up to help. Lesson: stay calm, it always works out and there is always dessert at Sweet Life



Foot propped up.

Just hanging out with my foot propped up. Surgery went well last Thursday, the tendon is repaired. Wendy is taking such good care of me and we are eating well. Will have 6 weeks of no weight on this foot. The good news is I have one of those scooters and it has a basket! Last night I watched, The Shape of Water . Was skeptical in the beginning. Today, I realize it is sticking with me as I think of the beauty of it. The sun is shining today, we will plant seeds in the garden. I can sit on the deck and plant in pots.

Next week I have a cat/house sit near the University for most of May. It would be lovely to have visitors if you are in the area. I’m in inquiry each day as to what may come next, staying open and trusting.

My grandchildren turned 4 on Sunday, Earth Day. I sent them big kisses and hugs from afar.



The journey continues

Got to my friend, Wendy’s last night. Slept hard and slept in.

I highly recommend a visit to Lava Hot Springs and Riverside Inn is a step back in time place to stay, with hot springs in the hotel as well as a good restaurant. The town of Lava Hot Springs has a population of just over 400 people. Since I was sick, it was such a comfort to be there, soak, eat and rest. It was my last and perfect last place to stay on this journey. Especially after the diametric stay in Las Vegas at the Tropicana It had been over 20 years since my last visit to Las Vegas. At that time, it was a great, cheap and fun stop over on a road trip. Not anymore, hotels are expensive, the food was outrageously expensive and the coffee I ordered in the morning tasted like warm water. So in my book, Las Vegas is a total rip off. Yes, I played some of the slot machines and won nothing.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have had this journey. Thankful for some of the new friends I made, to have made the journey safely and that my nephew and I  learned that this not the time for me to move there and we still love each other. And who knows. I certainly don’t. What’s next?! Well, I’ll have this ankle surgery, use the 6 weeks of recovery time to job hunt and contemplate what might be the next best thing. I plan to look for opportunities in Missoula and Eugene at least.

The title of this blog stemmed from a year and half of being in shock from the lose of my relationship with my daughter and grandchildren and after attempts to make amends with no response while being blocked from her email, phone, etc. Hence, “fuck it”.  In spite of trying on this title, I still care. The grief over a person who is still alive is complicated, many layered and full of unresolve. It’s with me everyday, not as intensely. I still dream of a miracle. Meantime, the journey continues.

Back in the USA

Crossed the border day a couple of days ago. Had a night in San Felipe before that for last sights of the Sea of Cortez and my favorite fish taco. The potholes before that were bad but there was a short little caravan of cars all going slow so it felt somewhat safe. Woke up in San Felipe with a sore throat, running nose, etc. I did manage to get across the border with a night in Blythe, CA, then Las Vegas. Yesterday I was feeling awful so only went a few hours to Mesquite, NV. Bought some NyQuil and slept 10 hours. Tonight, I’ll stay in Lava Hot Springs, ID for a nice soak.

See you soon Missoula.


Potholes and dirt highway coming soon!

A couple of uneventful days on the road. That’s good. Leaving Guerrero Negro soon and will be going through the pot hole section as well as 20 miles of dirt highway. Tonight, I will reward myself with a stay at The Sand Dollar in San Felipe. It was my first stay on the way down, right on the sea of Cortez. The last 2 hotels I stayed in claimed they had internet, but it didn’t work in either, hence no word from the journey. By the way, enjoying The Alice Network very much.

Talk to you soon.