Foot propped up.

Just hanging out with my foot propped up. Surgery went well last Thursday, the tendon is repaired. Wendy is taking such good care of me and we are eating well. Will have 6 weeks of no weight on this foot. The good news is I have one of those scooters and it has a basket! Last night I watched, The Shape of Water . Was skeptical in the beginning. Today, I realize it is sticking with me as I think of the beauty of it. The sun is shining today, we will plant seeds in the garden. I can sit on the deck and plant in pots.

Next week I have a cat/house sit near the University for most of May. It would be lovely to have visitors if you are in the area. I’m in inquiry each day as to what may come next, staying open and trusting.

My grandchildren turned 4 on Sunday, Earth Day. I sent them big kisses and hugs from afar.



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