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I keep hearing of people wanting to find ways to help out. Blood can be donated, I did that. Word has it they have a surplus supply because people are giving blood and not much need for it right now. Staying home is a way to help, but not very satisfying.

There are some excellent artist and local businesses that could use our support. Here’s a list of some dear to my heart in Oregon and Montana mainly.

Tsunami Books – local bookstore in Eugene, order and pickup available.

Also, features Annie Heron ceramics.  Annie sells at Tsunami and also through her website.

Joule Art – Terry McIlrath’s paintings, prints and cards. Birthday cards and more

Susan Carlson – amazing mixed media artist from Missoula, MT.

Lee Rizzo, go fund me album – beautiful singer, song writer.

PenFelt – Lebrie Rich, duchess of felt, offers felt art, workshops and recently face mask. Need a felting project, check out felting kits, Mushroom felting kit

Sweet Life Bakery – Sisters, Catherine and Cheryl, create artistic baked goods and employ locals. Craving a cookie and expresso, open and following sanitation guideline

Paula Jeans Garden – from Paradise Montana, Paula’s lavendar creations are magical.

Steven Begleiter Photography – award winning photographer, also publishes instructional photography books.

To be expanded upon. Feel free to add any of your favorites in the comments and I’ll add them to post.

Susan Carlson’s mixed media:

Susan Carlson
Susan Carlson
Susan Carlson

3 thoughts on “Support artists and local”

  1. Hello Francis, As usual, so lovely of you to think of those having a few more challenges when sharing their art. Folks might also volunteer to help at their local farm–lots of farmers are having to change things up–Farmers Markets closed, restaurants not buying or buying less, and distribution issues all about. Outside work and sunshine and a little more food production for our lovely foodies is a nice way to spend a few hours or a day. Marketing for a farm via social media or other ways could be done from home if you’re not able to be out and about where you are:)

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    1. Paula, what a wonderful way to help. I would imagine people would love the opportunity to be outside in the sun helping out. Does your farm have a website? I added your etsy shop to post. Also, I’ll be in Montana this summer, may I come visit and volunteer?! Love ya

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      1. Aaaw, that was sweet of you to add me. Generally, I’m very busy with weddings but this year with all of the celebrations on hold, I’m working on the food part of our farm more. We’re working up a site for online ordering once our things are ready. I’ll keep you in the loop. Yes, I would love to have a visit from your sweet face–and if you have some time, there are always projects here

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