Women’s March

I’ve copied and pasted an email for you today. It’s an opportunity to volunteer. This opportunity seems doable and effective. There is a link to sign up if you are willing. Remove my name and info and enter yours when you open the link.

There’s less than 100 days until the election and we’re launching our massive Women2Women voter contact plan soon. We need your help to contact women voters to make sure they turn out in record numbers on November 3rd.

If every 1 in 10 people reading this spent just one hour phone banking, we could make 3,600,000 calls with our dialer system and send even more text messages. Can you be one of those people?

If yes, please sign the 100 days volunteer pledge now to commit at least one hour to contacting women voters to make sure they’re registered and ready to vote on November 3rd.

Women can be the ones to get Trump out of office: it is our duty, and it can be done. We are the majority of voters and if we turnout in force, we can decide the fate of this election. 

Our assignment is clear: Defeat Trump nationally using the tools available to us during this pandemic – while building up and repairing the bonds between us to tackle our most urgent threats from coronavirus, police violence, recession, rising fascism, and climate change. 

Here’s what what happens next after you sign the pledge:

  1. You’ll be invited to join the weekly Turnout Tuesdays phone and text bank. There will be a 30 minute training session each week followed by one hour of calling or texting. After you do the training once, you can just join for the 60 minutes of voter contact. 
  2. If you’re ready to go even further, we’re inviting you to start a Women2Women circle with at least five other people where you live to organize locally and work together to defeat Trump. Let us know if you’re interested on the pledge form and we’ll invite you to our info session on August 6th at 7pm ET

We will pull through by pulling together to build a feminist force so strong that Trumpism is defeated forever. Will you sign the 100 days pledge to help turnout women voters in record numbers?

Together we can win, 

WM Organizing Team


Women’s March is a 501c(4) organization. Your generous support helps us prepare for fights we see coming and those we don’t. Donations are not tax deductible. If you prefer to make a tax-deductible gift, we encourage you to support the Women’s March Network. Gifts to the Network support our organizing, communications, advocacy and public education efforts.

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