Someone to tell it to

Not headed out yet. The dolphin has problems, basically needs a new engine. I’ve been taking this news in stride. Now I know it’s time to say goodbye to her. I’m a member of a Dolphin group on Facebook. Someone on there is interested in buying her. He and I should be having a conversation today to discuss details and if that can be a reality. Plan B is to rent a U haul in order to move the rest of my stuff to Eugene. The bright side is that I have no time commitments, otherwise I would be much more rattled. I am tired though and look forward to being settled when that happens.
Today I’ve been listening to too much news, which makes for a heavy heart. Also,  my body seems to be recognizing that my daughter has a birthday a week from today. I’m only a block away from the house I brought her home to after her birth, where she took her first steps and celebrated her first birthday. I miss her.
The Sun magazine
“Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.”— Miles Franklin, Sunbeams, July 2020
So thanks for reading. Frances

2 thoughts on “Someone to tell it to”

  1. Oh Frances , don’t read the news! I’ve avoided news like the plague as an adult. Well written essays about people, current events, animals, environment and perspectives on relations are a wonderful, if not challenging read in publications like the Sun, the Atlantic, Orion, Harpers, and even the latest generation of national geographic.
    I am proud of you for letting go of the dolphin. Not easy, but you will be less poor because of it.
    As for remembering your daughters origins: in the beginning there is Love and in the end there is love. In the middle there is a lot of bullshit!
    You’re wonderful, Frances. I love ya.

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